About Shree Ram

The hindu deity Lord Rama eulogized by all the vedic scriptures in a single voice is the supreme Purusa or Purushottama meaning the supreme being/the creator and the best of men with divine qualities. Lord Rama or Sri Rama is believed to be the perfect incarnation of God in the human form who took birth as a young and charming prince of Ayodhya. Embodied with ultimate consciousness and endowed with infinite auspicious qualities, Lord Rama is Parambrahman and hence the subject of worship to the Jivas.

In the sacred land of India i.e. Bharatvarsha and Lord Rama is the name that rests on the lips of every being here. The entire world knows Lord Rama as the prince of Ayodhya and his saga Ramayana is famous across the globe. Lord Rama is considered to be the most prominent figure of idealism and is popularly known as Maryada Purushottam signifying that he is the best among men.

Virtues of Lord Rama:

Life, breathe, and Soul of the Sanatana Dharma- Lord Rama is the most virtuous personality known ever. He is an embodiment of noble qualities, the ultimate source of love and compassion, ocean of wisdom, enlightenment of the entire world, the mighty valour and the protector of the living beings. Sri Rama resides in the hearts of millions of people and is an inspiration who is recognized for his sacrifices, heroism and his mesmerizing charm. According to the Lord Brahma’s declaration in Valmiki Ramayana, there is no other personality on this earth to match the virtues of Lord Rama and his glory in the sage Ramayana would remain on earth till the time the rivers flow and the mountains stand on this earth.

While summarizing Ramayana to Sage Valmiki, (in Valmiki Ramayana chapter 1), the divine sage Narada says:

रक्षिता स्वस्य धर्मस्य स्वजनस्य च रक्षिता ।

वेदवेदाङ्गतत्त्वज्ञो धनुर्वेदे च निष्ठितः ।।1.1.14।।

This shloka describes Lord Rama as the protector of his own duties and dharma, the ultimate and supreme personality incorporated with the true knowledge of Vedas accomplished in Vedangas (one of the upvedas) i.e. he stands out to be a great archer. He is the champion for all his adherent devotees.