Life Lessons from Lord Rama

1. Adhere to Dharma

Lord Rama is known for his lifelong adherence to Dharma that helped him follow the path of righteousness and made him one of the finest leaders as well as human. Following the principles of dharma irrespective of how tough it gets one needs to understand the significance of righteousness and truthfulness as these are the driving forces that connect individuals with love, compassion, magnanimity and forgiveness. These values make an individual not only self-confident but also direct humans to deal with tough situations without losing one’s peace of mind.

2. Do not let anger overrule

Even in the worst of the situations, Lord Rama always remained calm as he believed that a steady mind incorporated with the thoughts of non-violence, lack of desire for wealth and self-control is a powerful weapon in itself and acts as an armour to protect an individual warrior. Thus, keep your calm and face the difficult situations, this will help you sail through the issues easily.

3. Believe in relentless pursuance and do not give-up

Do not trap yourself in the materialistic desires in order to run away from karma and extend pleasures to reduce pains while looking for shortcuts to success rather one should be honest in their deeds and make relentless efforts to achieve their goals without giving up. This would help you prosper and perhaps the winner.

4. Respect your own words

Lord Rama’s life lessons teach us the significance of honouring our own words at any price as it marks the character and integrity of an individual.

5. Never let your inner balance be disrupted

The other significant learning from Lord Rama’s life is that one should never lose peace of mind, whatsoever be the situation. All of us are aware of what life Lord Rama lived and the difficulties he faced in life, but what made him victorious is the peace of mind he possessed in every situation. All those possessing these qualities can be the ultimate conquerers.

Every sage or epic has some or the other teachings incorporated within depending on the perceiving ability and interpretations of the same by an individual and so is the character of lord Rama in the sage Ramayana and is a figure of idealism boasted with high moral, ethical and practical values.